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The Gathering Chicago hosts On the Table #HealingRacism

Chicagoans gather from across the city and across communities to engage in conversation, listening, learning from one another and collaborating together to address Healing Racism from the inside out.

Check out these pics from last week’s #HealingRacism On The Table in which community members gathered around a meal together to discuss issues ranging from civic engagement to mental health to economic and community development and justice. A big thanks to The Chicago Community Trust for inviting Chicago to gather across tables throughout the region to listen to one another, learn, and develop strategies together.

We are currently planning our next meetings and are preparing to submit our video entry to the Acting Up Awards for an upcoming intergenerational #HealingRacism Saturday in collaboration with youth organizations and initiatives in the city. To join the next #HealingRacism Gatherings, please email your name, address and phone # to .

A Big Thanks to all who attended and will attend future Gatherings. We give thanks to all our partners, friends and co-collaborators who make this possible. Together, we are making a marked difference in this world. Thank you! Blessings and abundant peace~ The Gathering Chicago Connect @ Be sure to join the mailing list to receive updates. Thank you for joining us on the journey!!! (More pics below).

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